The Law of Attraction

Post Card of Venice, CA CanalBliss and serenity is in Venice, California. It has the most beautiful sunsets by the beach.  My step-son lives there. We went on a trip to visit him.  Ahhhh.  I can reminisce sitting at a restaurant table overlooking the beautiful blue ocean  and listening to the waves.

Law of Attraction

Next morning my step-son took me for a bike ride. Venice is a seaside resort town.  It is known for its beaches and canals like Venice, Italy. We stopped to explore the quaint town. We took a walk to see the shops and went inside to his favorite book store.  In my heart, I said a secret prayer that I would find a book just right for me.  My hand reached out and I touched – “The Law of Attraction”.   Hmmmm.  “That looks like a good read,” I told myself.  And it has been a turning point in my life.

WOW! What a gem of positive information! (topics like “Magnetically, I Attract Thought in Vibrational Harmony” or “Are My Thoughts in My Dreams, Creating?”)  It helped me to  think about writing a book. But now it has turned into this blog, “Dreams by LeAnn.”     This book is a hit.  It goes along with the thought “Man is, that he might have JOY.”   The book is by Esther and Jerry Hicks and teaches you also, how to Meditate.

Meditation is something I have not done much of.   But,  for some reason that very same month I must have been attracting the word Meditation.  A good friend sent me an email called “21 days of Meditation” by Oprah and Deepak Chopra and it was FREE.  Yep.

Oprah & Chopra

About twice a year, Oprah and Chopra will send you a Free 21 day listening guide of approx. 15-20 minutes each of guided meditation that has profoundly shifted my mind to positive affirmations such as Love, Joy, Health, Happiness, etc. It’s like a quick nap too.  And didn’t God Say:  “Be Still and Know I am God.”  What better way to rejuvenate for a siesta climate of bliss and serenity.   Go to your app store or iTunes and download “Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience



Try A Dream Board

Welcome to my Website.

Is there something hidden inside you that you desire. Be it temporal or Spiritual? Perhaps a GOAL, a TRIP? Maybe a chandelier. How about a NEW CAR, a RELATIONSHIP? But for some reason you can’t get started. Well then you have come to the right place.

For me it all began with Italy. I had always wanted to go to Italy. In my Real Estate Classes they said for me to find a picture of Italy and tape it to my computer so I could look at it every day and dream of going there. It was a way to motivate me to sell or list houses. A few years later in 2010, I went to a funeral at a church of a fellow realtor. There was a lovely soloist who sang so exquisite. I bumped into her afterwards and told her she had a beautiful voice and what did she do? Well she was the Church Music Director. She explained that she conducted a choir. Hmmmmm. I used to sing with the Mormon Youth Symphony and Chorus in my younger life. She asked what part did I sing? And I told her, 1st Soprano. Well she told me they were needing more Sopranos and by chance would I like to go to Italy, Germany, and Austria. Oh boy, would I! I have been dreaming about it for years. She asked, “do you have $3000?” Well, “Yes” I did. “Can you go to Italy with us.” “Yes” I did.

Did you know that every 10 years in a tiny Village called Oberammergau, Bavaria, Germany is a passion play of Jesus Christ that has been a tradition of the inhabitants of the Village since 1634. That’s right. And it is spectacular.


Oberammergau, Germany photo by

Henry Ford attended in 1930. It is an outdoor open air stage. It made me cry because I was so grateful Jesus died for me and it appeared that I was seeing the story for the first time come alive. The Trip to Italy was Fabulous and the “Bonus” was The Passion of the Christ play. The residents of Oberammergau participate as a matter of local pride filling in the cast of hundreds which mean hundreds of fabulous costumes. By tradition men begin to grow beards at least a year before to look authentic to the time. The costumes are handmade. In 1633, the Black Plague was sweeping through Europe. The Villagers of Oberammergau vowed that if their town survived they would perform the Passions of the Christ every 10 yrs. The town was spared and it is amazing that they have been honoring this pledge from generation to generation. Over 2,000 citizens are involved including acting, singing, musicians and technical support.

Plan to get your tickets & hotel early for 2020 May-Oct. The Play of the Suffering, Death and Resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ” as performed for 2010 took place in 2 sessions. The beginning in the afternoon at 2:30PM for 2 ½ hrs. with a break to eat between 5 and 8PM and the second ½ for another 2 ½ hours of pageantry and passion. There are several accommodations types, from luxury hotel to wide range of different accommodations in several towns that surround the Ammergau Alps. Go to Bavaria at Trip Advisor and Web Info Passion play Tickets.