Making a Dream Board


As I told you I first made my first dreams board was a picture of Italy taped to my Computer.  Here is a picture of my first REAL dream board.  It was made on a thick foam in between poster board.


First you will see a man caring a large bag of money with a $ sign on it.  The bag represents my husband’s job because he likes to work.   I figure he can make the larger portion of money in our family.  Next, I have a picture of my Real Estate Card which represents the money I made from selling homes for 16 years as a Realtor and being a piano/voice teacher for 30 years.  Take a look in the middle.  There is  a picture of our home.  It was my desire to pay it off.  That happened  in just 2 years.  I attribute it to my dream board manifestations.  In 2 years I purchased a new car, got a tummy tuck, .  I also purchased a harp, got a 9 foot Christmas tree, an area rug, and tried to eat healthy and exercise.  I even went on a trip to Spain.  The sky is the limit.  Get cracking.

Later in 4-6 years some of my other dreams came true.  A trip to New York and the Grand Piano. The piano I did not expect because I had orginally put on the dream board a picture of a grand piano,  but it was because I was a piano teacher and I had put the words beside the picture of the grand piano- to be a good piano teacher.   My husband surpised me with the Grand Piano.  He said I  had it on my dream board.  I said, “No I didn’t” and well there it was.  Boy this thing works and it is great to have your husband join in the fun.  Right???  My husband found me a small  used hammond organ and it turns out I became the organist of my church.  I just kept growing and improving my skills.  It makes one happy to accomplish something new.

Next, see the angel picture on the left hand side.  I wanted to paint it on canvas with acrylics. I prayed about it to see if I could get God to help me paint my painting along with my mother who was an oil painter.  She  had passed away 20 years ago.  I believe her to be  one of my guardian angels that perhaps she would take an interest and might help me spiritually paint the picture.  And here is my version.  I actually would get impressions in my mind.  I started at the bottom with yellow underneath the orange skirt.   It took 5-6 months and I had it framed at Hobby Lobby.  Go to


By looking at my Dreams Board near my bed I can focus my attention to the poster board  I do can do it in the morning, during the day and at night.  I either pray over it or ponder and meditate on it.  I have found people cross my path and seem to be angels that help me along my way.  For instance I had taken a summer art class and told my teacher how I wanted to paint the 6 foot angel and she on her won dropped off a projector and told me how to outline the picture with a black felt tip on a clear plastic and project it onto the canvas.   Here is how the painting looked when I drew it.

Version 2

The Final Product – Framed.


           DREAM BOARDS-  Directions  

Just like Heavenly Father created this beautiful world.  You can create one too.  I believe God has a plan of  plan of happiness for all of us.  You too can have a plan and that is where you can start a Dream Board.

Get a piece of poster board.  I like the foam filled because it stands up better.  But the plain white piece is fine.  A 3 fold is ideal because it can stand up like my 2nd dream board I Made.

Version 2

  1. Make a list of your dreams. Cut out pictures from magazines, google them from clip art and glue on.
  2. Focus and pray about your dream board. Put the wording on or next to the picture.
  3. Look at it often and place it somewhere you can look at it every day.
  4. Add some affirmations and scriptures.

I have a list of  18 items I did for my dream board at the bottom of this blog to help you start to brain storm.

Here are some scripture ideas:

Every wise Woman and Man Builds their house.  Proverbs  14:1

Fall is the time of harvest.  Matt 13:30.   (Get your harvest going) We are taught to pray over our homes, well being, our spouse, children and our salvation.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  The same was in the beginning with God.  All thing were made by him, and without him was not any thing made.  John 1.

It order to attract and manifest your dreams to come true, it is recommended that you put words and sentences on your dream board so that they are your own focus and affirmations.

And their faith hath made thee whole.  Matt. 9:22  According to your faith be it unto you.  Matt 9:29

#4  Dreams by LeAnn –  Man and Woman are that they might have JOY!!!

If you read the above about making a Dream Board and saw the pictures of my first one then here is the list of items, I put on mine.  You an make a list of your own and start cutting out pictures from magazines or google them from FREE clip art.

  1. Picture of Jesus- I always put him somewhere on my dreams boards.
  2. Love my Neighbor as myself
  3. In the top right corner I have the following:
  4. Pray Morning & Night. Throughout the day
  5. Read my Scriptures – Use my Manuals & Scripture Journal
  6. Get enough Sleep. Early to Rise helpe me to get organized and feel the spirit.
  7. Exercise – Walk, Yoga, Weight Lift, Swim. Use DVD’s and google it.
  8.   Propert Nutrition – Veggies 5-10 servings a day. Fruit smoothies.  8-10 glasses of water.

9.     Healthy Living – Try juicing, lots of berries etc.

10. Be a temple worker and get sealed in the Temple. It’s a top priority goal for my  church.

  1. Take harp lessons.  I wanted to try something new from being a piano teacher  I have now taken harp lessons for 8 years and getting better and can play at church.
  2. Be a better Piano Teacher – Perform in church a solo or group or sing a solo or choir
  3. Buy an organ and take lessons
  4. Travel – Spain, France, China, Jerusalem. ( I have only been to Spain, & Italy,
  5. Have someone sew my dolls for my ETSY  store called – The Dollysmama.  Where I make American girl doll sleeping bags.  There is still a few left for your Christmas presents for your daughters and grand daughters.
  6. Get a Tummy Tuck – After 4 children there was no exercise I had not tired to get rid of my  flabby tummy.   Yeah it is gone forever.
  7. Buy a new rug for our front room.
  8. Go to New York.  This happened 6 years later.
  9. Take I-pad classes
  10. Get a new dining room set.
  11. Go to a Shakespeare Festival – This is one that has not come true.  Need to focus more on it.
  12. Go to Any Festival – I went to Polish Festival with my girl friend and won an I-Pad.
  13. Sell Homes
  14. Dream that my husband make lots of money.
  15. Be a Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus – This too has not come true.

Have a dream board party with some friends.   Or a friend.  Two heads are better than one.

Upcoming is having a dream Board Party and How I manifested $500, a $600 quilt within 2 weeks and how I won and i-pad all my manifesting.  Try it you will see.








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