Dreams Are Born by Our Thoughts


Dreams are the seedlings that awaken the soul which inspire us into our world of reality to share. Just like a baby bird is born from and egg or an oak seed into a giant seed, dreams come first from our thoughts.  A musician cherishes music that stirs the heart into our thoughts and can express emotion of serenity of happiness or deep sorrow of suffering. Go to JennyOaks.com for uplifting music for all ages.

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Christmas is coming up.  This CD is fabulous is narrated by Walter Cronkite and sung by the famous Mormon Tabernacle Choir.   (How I love Christmas and my ideas coming up are flowing with Temporal and Spiritual ideas in the works.  Gear up for some great ideas on by blog. )

Our circumstances aspire these emotions.   Columbus had a vision for a new world.  Buddha of a spiritual world for peace.  Copernicus, Boyar and Galileo the Universe.       Image result for pics of the milky way

What you think becomes your reality.  So grab some magazines, pencil and notebook and start jotting down or cutting out dreams from magazines you want for you Universe of unlimited dreams.   Create, Create, Create.  Get a notebook and make it your CREATE BOOK.  Start writing those dreams.  Sit in your favorite chair and jot them down.

All dreams are born and it is your privilege to choose both spiritual or temporal.  I have found for me it is Important to write, type or print out onto the picture and the wording of your dream.  Therefore, you have a vision picture of your dreams and written goal of your dream pasted or glued right on the dream board making it come true double fast.  Then each night place it near your bed.  That way you can pray over it nightly and wake up and see it.  Out of mind out of sight.  In the mind it takes flight.

Now back to thoughts.  Did you know if you would spend some time in your recliner or chair meditating on your dreams they would come true faster.  Many dreams just need to be thought about often.  Before going to bed I look at my planner and see what tomorrow will bring.  All on Sundays I plan out my week.  Have your planners & paper in hand wherever you are .  Such as the car, at church as you are reading.  It is good to write down quickly a thought before it slips away.  These thoughts can come from angels on the other side of the veil promoting you to goodness in this world of evil and deception.

Try reading books on how to make your goals come true by focus.  Years ago I found a gem of a book called “How to Get Control of Your Time and Life” By Alan Lakein.

He gives you simple exercises on how to categorize your daily, monthly and yearly  goals.  For example, one of my favorites ideas was to take 3 pieces of paper and put a capital A on one paper, a  B on another, and a C on the last paper.  First brain storm your goals and begin deciding what needs to done right away on the A’s and next B’s and last C’s.  Soon the A’s become the B’s and the C’s become the B’s and so forth.   You will get so excited to see how you are getting so much done.

Another idea is to do 15 Min. goals.  For me this could be read for 15 minutes,  sew for 15, blog for 15 minutes, play the piano for 15 minutes,   paint for 15 minutes, organize a room for 15 minutes. cook for 15 minutes. That  way it does not seem like work, but FUN.

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