What a trying month for my beloved State of Texas.   Devastation all around us and Sienna Plantation Sub-Division on the map as a tornado touched down on 50 homes in my neighborhood tearing up roofs, trees, homes.  And I could not even get home from Utah as my flight was canceled the day before Harvey came into Texas.  It  turned to Prayer and heart felt service from many walks and paths of life .  We felt your love as many pour into Texas to help do mucking, bring supplies or just a loaf of bread or a plate of cookies.

As the waters rose so did Texans.   This picture is of a home I use to live.  It is in the Settlers Park Subdivision.  My old neighbor across the street had to be rescued by a Garbage Truck.   Lots of remolding a head for the homes on this street.

 IMG_7196 2

Because Water began to come into their home.  And kept coming into their one story home.  Everything was destroyed.  Water flooding is not kind.

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and water

At the time of Harvey I happened to go to BYU (Brigham Young University) Education week in Provo Utah.  The day before I was to leave Utah, Southwest airline cancelled my flight because the hurricane was about to occur.  What to do????  I had a good friend in Salt Lake City, Utah  that let me stay in her home for 3 days.  It was a nice break to visit the mountains for a hike.

I was to attend a baby blessing for #10 Grand child so I decided to change my flight for Tampa Florida a week early.  I must be the Hurricane Whisper because Irma followed me.    Worried for my son and his wife, 3 year old and new baby I offered to fly them out.  They felt they would be fine.  And they were.

After Harvey mucking and saving houses was the goal of many a neighbor helping neighbors.  Churches giving out free food and supplies like shovels, crow bars, clothes and the necessities of life.IMG_7555IMG_7509IMG_7485IMG_7486

These supplies came from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Several trucks came from Utah and headed to Texas before Harvey even arrived. These Yellow shirt helping hands members attended their churches on Sunday in work clothes and told where to go a muck.IMG_7314

Many organizations across Houston came with their love and help and truly with their hearts and hard work supported the love of neighbor as thyself. God Bless TX.  And Florida and now my heart and prayers are for Las Vegas.


Harvey! Our Texas Hurricane

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