About Me



I am happily married with 4 children and 10 grand children.  I worked for 16 years as a Real Estate Agent.  I am now retired.  I am now working with my husband with his new business Bonzer24.com.  It is a memory, focus Boost drink.  If you are tired,  stressed, depressed, have anxiety, worn out mother, tired Grandma then go to bonzer24 and read all about the ingredients.  Here is my link to get right there.

LeAnn Borzi 

PowerCeutical, LLC 
1700 Post Oak Blvd. 6th Floor 
Houston TX 77056

My major in College was Vocal Performance and I love to sing, play the organ, piano and taught Piano/Voice Lessons for 30 years.  I am now retired from giving lessons.   I have been taking Harp Lessons for the past 8 years.  I love to travel, sew, make quilts, read (I am in a book club) do yoga and now I am learning Tai Cheng.  And now my new adventure is this BLOG – “Dreams by LeAnn” which I have been thinking about doing for 2 years.  It was on my dream board to write a book.  And now it has turned into this blog.

I love the Lord and I am deeply religious in my Faith and attend a Christian Church weekly.  I am a big believer of loving God and your Neighbor.   Faith and Hope are my backbone as well as putting on the Armor of God and praying for the Holy Spirit to be my guide.  I get my energy from learning from others and enjoy entertaining in my home.  I also conduct a weekly scripture/bible study in my home and attend one weekly.

My intent is to inspire you to make a difference in the world.  To be the best you can be.  I believe your thoughts are powerful and you can manifest whatever you want because “All Things Are Possible With God.”  I am big into affirmations and also meditation on subjects that you can let your light shine and radiate love, peace, harmony, kindness, forgiveness,

I am fun, creative with a lot of energy.  When I wake up in the morning I am excited about my day.  I use a planner so that as my ideas flow I immediately (most of the time) write them down.  I like to go from one activity to another and find good habits to keep me on target and keep moving so I have even more energy.  For example,  below this might be my day or weekly events I think and do.

1.  Ready my Scriptures/Pray/Journal/Rea

2.  Go for a walk, yoga, swim, aerobics, or learn a lesson of Tai Cheng

3.  Blog

4.   Learn a new piano or hymn to play weekly at my church.

5.  Ask the question : To Whom can I serve today.

6.  I love to listen to Joyce Meyers every morning or something uplifting while I get dressed.

7.  Practice my Harp

8.  Sew a new project or be doing a new project

9.  Prepare my Bible Study class

10.  Meditate in the afternoon.  Read affirmations and uplifting thoughts.